Welcome to LIMORIS – your trustful transport partner and Tailor made logistics solution provider.

Joint-stock company of limited liability (JSC) “Limoris” was established 10 YEARS ago in Kaunas City, second biggest and probably the best city in Lithuania.
JSC Limoris  – Transport company with a team of Transport and Logistics professionals, who can always find an optimal solution in logistics.
We are proud to offer You the best solutions in logistics for Your cargo. Due to our experienced team, technical possibilities, flexible prices, full responsibility of the load we are carrying, we have already become known as a trustworthy partner.

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JSC Limoris is all about customer service. We provide the best transportation solutions available in a cost effective way. Our Operations Center is staffed 24 hours per day, including holidays, to give you personal service. Our business depends on your business and we are truly grateful.

10 YEARS of experience working in the fast paced and highly demanding transport and logistics industries within the Europe to Russia and Kazakhstan. We think in terms of solutions. There is usually more than one. We will help you manage your shipment and get it to wherever it needs to be. Quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Our professional team is completely customer service and GOAL focused which creates a “Tailor Madetransport and logistics solutions to meet each individual customer’s requirements.

We REDUCE Your COSTS. As a DIRECT transport service supplier we HELP to eliminate costly mistakes and make your process more efficient and more profitable.

Transport You Can Trust. Upfront estimates, fair fees, certified transport partners, and our hard-line commitment to accountability & integrity.

JSC Limoris

A team of transport professionals, who can always find an optimal solution in logistics.

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